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weiß kreuz

100 words to kill
My collection of Weiß Kreuz drabbles (ficlets of 100 words).
Currently numbering 58.
Highly Schwarz-centric.
G to R rating.


"Farfarello has often thought talking is one of the stupider uses for Schuldig’s mouth." 
An Esset debriefing after one of Schwarz's early missions. Nastiness ensues.
Story written for mayatawi who inspired it with her icon (shown on left)
Farfarello/Schuldig. PG-13 for offscreen SchuldigTorture & implied BDSM.

"With a tinkle of little brass chimes, the door shut on the sunshine and cacophony of Chinatown. Inside, the shop was dim and cool. . ."
Why do you think Esset never infiltrated China?
Crossover with Pet Shop of Horrors
Nagi, Count D, Leon, Schuldig, Crawford. G.

familienkreis [family circle]
""You didn't
honestly think I wouldn't know, did you?" Schuldig asked when she opened the door."
Written as part of a 'Weiss Kreuz's children' challenge
Sakura, Schwarz, Aya, OMC. G.

froh ende [happy ending]
"He peered around a white-suited shoulder, now artistically spattered with red. Crawford, naturally, ignored him."
Love and death, Schwarz style. Crossover with Neil Gaiman fiction.
Crawford/Schuldig, Neil Gaiman characters. PG-16 for a couple of words, inferred torture, death.

job perks
"So he had a field assignment again. Under one of the Council’s golden-haired boys no less. Brad Crawford, precognitive - and by most accounts, general all-round bastard.
Job perks - Crawford thinks Schuldig is one. Schuldig isn't happy about that. Mind games ensue.

Crawford/Schuldig. PG-13 for lots of very rude German & AngloSaxon words.
night operation
Like any doctor, House had become familiar with the phenomenon of being shaken awake in the early hours of the morning. That shaking was usually accompanied by a cup of coffee however, not an automatic pistol." 
House receives a house call.
Crossover with House, MD
Dr Geoffrey House, Crawford, Schuldig, Wilson. PG.
kein engel [no angel]
The shock of recognition on his face caught her attention, even more than his shock of improbably coloured hair. But she knew she had never met him before - unless. . ." 
Schuldig meets the woken Aya-chan. Dating ensues.
Schuldig/Aya-chan, Mamorou, Nagi, Crawford. PG-16 for sexual content
New: Epilogue added
"He came to a stop in front of the step; smiled down at her with a familiarity that would have had her husband reaching for a weapon." 
Schuldig. Late Edo-period Japan. Not a good combination.
Rurouni Kenshin/Weiss Kreuz. Schuldig/? - NC-17.

"Spit the pebble out... and the pooka remains a pooka." 
Farfarello, Crawford, murder, control and sanity – it’s a disturbing mixture.
Crawford/Farfarello. NC-17.

Crawford and Schuldig join the Stargate Atlantis program.
Crossover with Stargate: Atlantis
Crawford, Schuldig, Jack O'Neill, John Shepherd, Rodney McKay, Kavanaugh. PG-13.

songs of innocence & experience
A "Five Things That Never Happened" collection - this time exploring "Five qualities Schwarz never lost". All AU. Ranges from serious to humour.
Schwarz. G to NC-17.

synergy between sociopaths
An examination of the Crawford/Schuldig relationship. Includes brief rundown of the plot of the Weiß Kreuz Kapitel and Glühen series, Schwarz's appearances, media timeline, character studies, canon interaction and fandom appraisal with fiction recommendations. Warning: Extensive Spoilers!
NC-17 for discussion of violence, sex and mental health issues.


tannenbaum [christmas tree]
"But this year the tree was full, bushy, glorious, scent-free plastic. Schuldig, in Nagi’s opinion, had been disproportionately outraged."
Yuletide in the Schwarz household aka 'The Christmas Tree War'.
Schwarz, Omi. PG-13

vielleicht [perhaps]
"Jealousy is a storm of sakura blossoms."
"Perhaps" - Omi watching Nagi watching sakura blossoms fall. Tanka by Izumi Shikibu.
Nagi/Omi, Nagi/Tot (implied) PG-13


weiß kreuz:

Series in chronological order:


was sie benötigen [what you need]
"Pretty ballsy for a tealeaf reader. I think I like this guy" 
Crawford doesn't always get what he wants. The first meeting of Schuldig and Crawford, set a few years before Japan.
Crawford/Schuldig. PG-13.


schöne freundschaft [beautiful friendship]
Put the gun down,
Crawford walked forward so he was at the head of the table, halfway between the combatants, Put the gun down, now.

It isn't always friendship at first sight...
Schuldig, Farfarello, Crawford. R for violence.


“Do I look like a
verdammt secretary to you?”

Schwarz aren't officeboys. Post-arrival in Japan, pre-'Kapitel'.
Schuldig, Crawford, Nagi. R.

soczialinteraktion [social interaction]
“I warned you not to force Schuldig to attend that business social,” Farfarello told Crawford’s rapidly departing back,“And people say I’m the crazy one.”
Nagi and Schuldig attend a business social. Pre-'Kapitel'.
I was reading a Teach-Yourself-Japanese book and it had a warning about how lengthening a vowel can change the meaning of a word drastically, even catastrophically. The example they used made me giggle helplessly and this Schwarz-fic sprang into mind. Example shown at the end.
Schwarz. R for rudeness.

ein und zwanzig [one and twenty]
When Schuldig opened his bedroom door, there was a parcel on the bed.
Crawford plays nice. It backfires. 
Crawford/Schuldig. PG-13.

nebenläufig [concurrent]
"Communing deeply with his first cup of coffee, the *snip* of the scissors was the only, and somewhat belated, warning Schuldig got." 
Two different settings. The same conversation.
Crawford/Schuldig, Nagi. PG-13.

kein romantisch [unromantic]
"Nagi woke to the sound of shots." 
Some people have a different view on what romance is.
Nagi, Crawford/Schuldig. PG-13.

spielzeit [playtime]
"Which is why 'Kitten Stalking' is this afternoon's game-to-alleviate-boredom." 
Aya takes a walk. Schuldig plays. 
Aya, Crawford/Schuldig. PG-13.


galgenfrist [reprieve]
"The city is like a cemetery, aisles of dark grey cenotaphs shadowed by only the occasional furtive attendant."

Schuldig in the early morning light. 
Crawford/Schuldig. PG-13.


wilkommen zur realean welt [welcome to the real world]
"It's like being in a damn room with speakers blaring 'It's a Small World' at you from all four corners."
Telepaths hate crowded airports. 
Crawford/Schuldig. PG-13.


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