author's notes on various stories

andromeda: the angel's sword
This is a stand-alone sequel to my story, the chaser. I watched the episode "Angel Dark, Demon Bright" and thought Wow, there's no way in hell you're going to get anything Tyr/Harper out of that one, other than some nasty non-con. But I thought I'd try anyway, and ended up writing this.

I consider it one of my more in-character Andromeda stories. Some time I'd like to do an AU exploring the threads I left in the end scene.

harry potter: 6 months

Overtly, the story is about Draco moping around mourning Lucius, six months after his father's death. The subtext is about the pivot-point at which raw grief mutates to mourning and acceptance.

I seldom write anything from personal experience (I know people say you should, but I never find it works myself) but in this story I did and found it to be quite cathartic.

harry potter: aconite

This story sprang from a LJ conversation regarding the use of the 'werewolves mating for life' theme, and how bad most of the stories were. Despite the fact I was supporting the use of the cliché (and blaming bad writing) it's never clear whether or not it's the case for Remus in this story. Read it and make your own mind up.

This is my favorite Harry Potter fanfic, and to my mind, one of my better stories.

harry potter: sunlight on a broken column

The poem "The Hollow Men" by T.S.Eliot is the inspiration for this story. I've often thought a wizarding war in the Harry Potter world would be like the devastation of World War One. The story touches upon that, and how people would react differently in the aftermath.

This can also be considered an AU of my AU, aconite. A sort of 'what if' Draco had remained at the end instead of leaving.

narnia chronicles: peter in love

I wrote this for the Yuletide Secret Santa Project for Christmas 2003. As requested by s.a., my recipient, the story is about love, and contains Peter slash (albeit very mild slash).

In line with C.S.Lewis’ book “The Four Loves” the story (very briefly) explores Peter’s experience of "agape" (selfless/spiritual love), "storge" (affection), "philia" (friendship), and "eros" (sexual/romantic love), and the idea that all loves should stem from agape. I’m not sure if love of Narnia precisely equates to storge, but it seemed the closest match for it. Lewis is probably rotating in his grave over my interpretation of eros, but I believe (as Aslan says in the story) “Love is love, no matter what form it takes”.

You might also be amused to know I reread the relevant parts of the Narnia Chronicles and wrote the outline for the story whilst sitting in ‘The Eagle and Child’ in Oxford, the pub where C.S.Lewis, J.R.R.Tolkein and the rest of the literary group ‘Inklings’ used to meet.

bobby - a policeman
Uni – university
rambling - hiking or tramping

weiß kreuz: pooka

Written for a 'Write your most hated pairing' challenge, and Brad/Farfarello most certainly is! This ficlet is to be blamed on (and dedicated to) kwobtchan because she insisted I could do this challenge when I said I didn't think I could.

A pooka is an Irish fairy, sometimes good, sometimes evil. It can change its shape if it places a stone in its mouth.

Jackson Pollack is the artist of 'splatter picture' fame (whom I loathe with an unholy passion).

And there is no word for a straight 'no' in Irish Gaelic.

weiß kreuz: was sie benötigen

Thanks: A very big thank you! to mayatawi for the excellent beta job (all mistakes are mine alone) and her patience with the frustrating email problems.

This was originally a shorter fic written for the temps_mort "Use the line May I have this dance?" Challenge, and grew from there. Initially it was just a first-time meeting punch-up fic between Crawford and Schuldig, but thinking about it I realised that with their respective powers of precognition and telepathy that was rather silly. But given Schuldig's impulsiveness and Crawford's control issues a first meeting between the two would inevitably degenerate into a power struggle. Then I got to thinking about ways in which their powers could work, which seemed to me to be diametrically opposed - much as the two characters are themselves. This is what came out.

Glossary (mainly of rude German words) (courtesy of ratcreature :-)
Schleimer - Kiss-ass
Niemand - No-one
Was? - What?
Scheisse - Shit
Fick dich - Fuck you/yourself
Wichser - Wanker