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"Speaking of which, being seen talking to you in five minutes time will undoubtedly do my reputation
immeasurable damage. And even worse," he tossed back his champagne, "my bubbly's run out!"
Dorian realises something both Z and Klaus have missed. Written for louiselux for the yuletide 2004 exchange.
Z, Dorian, Klaus. PG-13


woman with gun
"Luring the Human with the badly dyed hair and sleazy grin up to her room had been repellently easy.
Aeryn was beginning to believe no male on this dirtball thought with anything above their waistline. "

Aeryn doesn't like to rely on the kindness of strangers.

Saiyuki/Farscape Crossover. PG for bad language and faint innuendo.


sufficient unto the day
Mal wondered if the boy even
knew he was sly. Simon, that was, not Mal."
Mal muses on Simon. Post-"Serenity".

fujimi symphony orchestra


"Tounoin-san, what a pleasure to see you."
Kawashima's words belie her expression, brown eyes darkening into hard little plumstones, soft cherry-ripe mouth shrivelling into a moue of displeasure.
If you haven't seen this yaoi anime, you should!
Anime spoiler:
Tounoin conducts the (amateur) Fujimi Block Symphony Orchestra, which Kawashima & Yuuki play in. Kawashima is in love with Tounoin but he rejects her, as he is in love with Yuuki. Yuuki however, thinks he loves Kawashima. Yes, a love triangle! Add to that Yuuki and Tounoin had a hot & heavy one-night stand, and Yuuki's now deep in De River Nile and sinking fast...
Tounoin/Yuuki. PG-13.



"Sometimes I think all an immortal's life consists of is leaving."
An introspective moment as Methos departs London again.
Methos/Duncan. PG-13.

house, m.d.

night operation
Like any doctor, House had become familiar with the phenomenon of being shaken awake in the early hours of the morning. That shaking was usually accompanied by a cup of coffee however, not an automatic pistol." 
House has a house call.
Crossover with Weiss Kreuz
Dr Geoffrey House, Crawford, Schuldig, Wilson. PG.
lord of the rings


inappropriate elf snippet
PG. Small piece of silliness rated PG for innuendo & non-PCness

narnia chronicles


peter in love
"And for Peter to pledge his body without his heart was an impossible thing.
This was another."

Peter, High King of Narnia, and the different aspects of love. Written for s.a. for the Yuletide 2003 challenge.
Peter/Aslan (human). PG-13.

the persian boy


"Alexander wore the wounds of the afternoon's conflict openly on his face. Hephaistion's own gave him too much pain to care."

Hephaistion struggles to reconcile love and pride.
Alexander/Hephaistion. PG-13.

pet shop of horrors    

"With a tinkle of little brass chimes, the door shut on the sunshine and cacophony of Chinatown. Inside, the shop was dim and cool. . ."
Why do you think Esset never infiltrated China?
Crossover with Weiss Kreuz
Nagi, Count D, Leon, Schuldig, Crawford. G.

rurouni kenshin    
"He came to a stop in front of the step; smiled down at her with a familiarity that would have had her husband reaching for a weapon . . ." 
Schuldig. Late Edo period Japan. Not a good combination.
Crossover with Weiss Kreuz
Schuldig/? NC-17.
saber rider & the star sheriffs


"Saber couldn't remember visiting a more desolate place. It didn't surprise him that Jesse Blue had ended up here."
Saber finds something lost. But maybe it's better left that way.
Saber Rider/Jesse Blue. PG-13.




"I love the way it's light and easy and joyful; not a power struggle, not a contest." 
Written for the LJ temps_mort 'Unusual Pairing' challenge. 

Kimishima/Ryuho. NC-17.

stargate atlantis

Crawford and Schuldig join the Stargate Atlantis program. Crack!!!
Crossover with Weiss Kreuz
Crawford, Schuldig, Jack O'Neill, John Shepherd, Rodney McKay, Kavanaugh. PG-13.
star trek: ds9


"He doesn't look like a spy."
A post-war conversation in the Replimat.
Bashir. G.



the snowball effect
My first X-Men story (well, drabble really). Written for twinkledru's "I Do" Gay Marriage Drabble Project
"One more way for the fannish community to give President Bush's anti-gay policies the finger."
Go read! Contribute!
Jean-Paul/Bobby. PG-13.

yami no matsuei


Yami no Matsuei/Harry Potter Crossover. A set of six interlinked ficlets.
Draco finds his Afterlife not quite what he expected.
Crossover with Harry Potter
Draco, Tsuzuki, Hisoka, Tatsumi, Draco/Watari. PG-13


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