inappropriate elf snippet

The Inappropriate Elf challenge (i.e. make some fanfic character an elf i.e. Tyr or Daniel Jackson etc) with the suspension of disbelief that Boromir is really thick and Aragorn not much better:

Boromir  Erm, Aragorn. Have you noticed that Legolas's ears are kinda...well, pointy?
Aragorn They've always been pointy.
Boromir Oh.
Boromir Isn't he a little tall for a hobbit?
Aragorn Hobbit? What have you been drinking? He's not a hobbit!
Boromir Oh. No, I guess hobbits don't live in the woods. So, he's a....?
Aragorn Fae.
Gimli Er, guys...
[Aragorn and Boromir turn around to see Legolas glaring at them]
Legolas It's ELF, not FAIRY, OK?
[stomps off angrily - or at least as noisily as any can walk]
Aragorn That's odd, I'm pretty sure Elrond wasn't calling him "my favorite elf" the last time Legolas came visiting Rivendell...

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