tosca's kiss

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"A large, heavy, black leather-covered couch. Currently sprawled over by a tall, slender, black leather-covered General."
Tenpou, Kenren, and the acquisition of furniture.
Tenpou/Kenren. PG-13. 

crimson on clover
"Blood on grass, Sanzo thinks. That's what Gojyo's hair looks like, pooled in Hakkai's lap."
The boys stop for a nap.
Hakkai/Gojyo. PG-13.


days like this
Days like this, Gojyo didn’t know what the hell he was doing here."
A quick break from the road.
Hakkai/Gojyo. PG-13.


last and first and always
"Kenren didn't do 'bland'. Kenren did amused or angry or lustful or mischievous or sardonic, or any one of a thousand other different unguarded expressions."
Last times, first times - reflections through lives & poetry. Tanka by Izumi Shikibu.
Tenpou/Kenren & Hakkai/Gojyo. PG-13


manual labour
"I," stated Gojyo firmly, "do not do manual labour."
The boys have to fix a bridge. Gojyo objects to honest work.
Hakkai/Gojyo. PG-13.


elemental perceptions
“What the hell is it?” Gojyo nudged the prone figure over with his boot. Possibly a little harder than was strictly necessary, but it was rather understandable under the circumstances.
The Sanzo-ikkou come across something they haven't met before.
Crossover with Good Omens. Sanzo-ikkou, OMC. PG-13 for implied violence.

storm relief
“The storm’ll be over soon,” he said, even though that was patently nonsense."
Storms make Hakkai miserable. Gojyo hates Hakkai being miserable.
Hakkai/Gojyo. PG-13.

wakeup call
"Theocide had never been more of a temptation.
184 words of Kanzeon torturing Sanzo. Well, se has to do something to amuse hirself. Humor.
Kanzeon/Sanzo, Hakkai. PG-13 for sexual innuendo.

woman with gun
"Luring the Human with the badly dyed hair and sleazy grin up to her room had been repellently easy. Aeryn was beginning to believe no male on this dirtball thought with anything above their waistline. "
Aeryn doesn't like to rely on the kindness of strangers.

Saiyuki/Farscape Crossover. PG for bad language and innuendo.


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