crimson on clover

Blood on grass, Sanzo thinks.

That's what Gojyo's hair looks like, pooled in Hakkai's lap. Lit by the midday sun, the crimson strands are vibrant against the dark green of the tunic, contrasting and complementing at the same time. Much like the men themselves.

Hakkai glances up, gives Sanzo a small smile. The jade eyes are sombre however, having spent the past half hour watching the sleeping face, hands gently stroking the long hair. Gojyo still hasn't recovered fully from that mess with Chin Sou. But then, being shot in the heart while infected with a demonic parasite would slow anybody down. And there is only so much damage Hakkai's healing powers can repair before the body has to do the rest naturally.

Gojyo doesn't acknowledge it however. The kappa is lewd, obnoxious, and squabbles with Goku as vociferously as ever. But the aftershocks are noticeable in the frequent catnaps and the casual fleeting touches of Hakkai. Gojyo is usually boisterously physical, but these almost diffident contacts smack of the need for reassurance.

Hakkai isn't worried as such, merely concerned about Gojyo's recovery. His serene Buddha mask is slightly off-kilter at the moment, emotions and memories he usually keeps submerged brought too close to the surface by this last crisis. Nothing is said, but Hakkai also betrays himself in the little actions - ceding the softer bed, the first bath, the last can of beer.

Gojyo, being Gojyo, takes merciless advantage of being fussed over.

The half-demon opens his eyes as if hearing his name in Sanzo's thoughts. All his attention is directed at the face above his however. He smiles, not the usual sardonic smirk, but a slowly blossoming sweetness that Sanzo doesn't remember seeing before.

"Hey," he says quietly up at Hakkai.

"Hey back."

Gojyo lifts a hand to brush his hair aside and Hakkai goes to do the same. Their fingers tangle. Hakkai leans further over, there is barely a hand space between their faces, and...

Sanzo snorts.

Two pairs of eyes blink at him enquiringly, rich crimson and bright green. He stands up, brushes himself down briskly.

"Enough lazing around. We're not on a pleasure trip here. Let's go. Goku!"

He stalks off yelling for the last member of their quartet, leaving the other two to slowly disengage themselves and follow in his wake.

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