days like this

Days like this, Gojyo didn’t know what the hell he was doing here. The sky was a brilliant clear blue, the sun was beaming down happily, the birds were twittering, there was a warm breeze fingering through his hair, and if he’d any sense at all he’d be back home, working hard at perfecting the difficult art of doing fuck all.

Instead of which he was in the middle of nowhere, catching a quick catnap before being crammed back into Jeep for another several hours-long bumpy drive, punctuated by shouting matches with the monkey and hissy fits by the only monk under the heavens with permanent PMS. He sighed in exasperation.

“Asleep?” came Hakkai’s quiet voice right beside him. Gojyo quashed the urge to jump in surprise.

“Yuh,” he grunted, refusing to open his eyes.

He could almost hear the answering smile.

“I’ll let you rest then.”

The light was blocked for an instant and he felt the moist warmth of Hakkai’s breath against his forehead. There was the quick, soft press of skin against his skin, and the rustling sounds of Hakkai moving away.

Then again, days like this, Gojyo did know what the hell he was doing here.


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