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Not friends
Characters: Asami/Takaba
Notes: vf_scribbles Challenge #06: 'Friendship'


“You put the phone down on me,” Asami leant against his desk, “That wasn’t very friendly.”

Takaba wrenched his arm from the bodyguard’s grasp.

Arsehole,” he snarled, then retorted, “Who says we’re friends?” as the door closed behind them.

“We’re not?”

Takaba eyed Asami warily until the mockery registered.

“No, you jerk! We aren’t friends! What kind of friend does that, that stuff to another!? What kind of friend drugs you? What kind of. . .”

“Well if we aren’t friends, my cute Takaba, you have no right to complain when I punish you.”

Takaba’s outraged protest was crushed under Asami’s mouth.


Characters: Takaba
Notes: vf_scribbles Challenge #02: 'Guilt'


He should have been having fun.

Kawashima was intelligent, bubbly and very, very pretty. She’d also asked him to call her Midori. Half the men at the newspaper would have given next month’s salary to be in his shoes right now.

But as much as he tried, Takaba couldn’t relax. He just felt. . . disconnected. And - much to his annoyance - furtively guilty. As if he was doing something wrong!

It was midnight when he shut his apartment door, leant against it with closed eyes, sighed.

Tonight, he decided, had been a mistake. It was then the scent of cigarette smoke registered.


Finally Going Home
Characters: Feilong
Notes: vf_scribbles Challenge #01: 'Going Home'

“So, tomorrow,” Chun muses through a cloud of cigarette smoke, “Finally going home, huh.”

Fei doesn’t dignify the remark with a response, just watches grey tendrils wreath upward across dirt-grimed brick, blocking out his cellmate’s idle chatter about his own plans upon release.

Fei knows where he’s going; that big, white house, empty now for these past two years. No more Father. No more Brother. Just himself, and the echoes of gunshots and madness and betrayal. A new cage with himself as king spider, spinning alone at the centre of the web.

No, he won’t ever be going home again.


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