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harry potter


100% slytherin - harry potter drabbles
My collection of Harry Potter drabbles (ficlets of 100 words).
Currently numbering 18.
100% Slytherin. Highly Draco-centric.
G to NC-17

6 months
"You told Harry you forgave him, and it's true, you did. You have. You told him you forgave him because you love him, and that was the lie. You forgave him because... "

Lucius may have been a monster - but he was also a father.
Harry/Draco. PG-13

Harry Potter/Yami no Matsuei Crossover. A set of six interlinked ficlets.
Draco finds his Afterlife not quite what he expected.
Draco, Tsuzuki, Hisoka, Tatsumi, Draco/Watari. PG-13

bragging rights
"But you hate the man!"
"So?" accompanied this time by a raised eyebrow."
Helga and Salazar have a conversation about his 'morning after'.
Salazar Slytherin/Godric Gryffindor. PG-13

sun, moon, earth, star
"And when the inferno died down, before Narcissa melted into sleep, she whispered words to chain the sun." 
Hatred has to start somewhere.
Lily/Narcissa. NC-17.


sunlight on a broken column
"He topped the mound and was disconcerted to see someone standing several metres over from where he was headed; still and ominous as a carrion crow amongst the snow and tombs." 
A meeting in a graveyard.
Bill/Draco. R for war stuff.

harry potter:


"Draco says nothing more that year, just watches him, smiling that candied-chrysanthemum smile." 
In the moonlight, there are a million shades of grey.
Remus/Draco. R.
There are two unused drabbles from this story here.


"At first, Remus thinks the scent of cedarwood and juniper berries that is quintessentially Draco is merely an intense sensory flashback."
In the midst of war, people might change their minds. Maybe.
Remus/Draco. R.


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