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Recommended 'Schwarz' Fanfiction & Sites
Yep, my favorites - the bad guys from "Weiß Kreuz"

The Colour of Joy
by Sionnachdhubh. WIP
Sadly, this is a Work in Progress that does not look like it will ever be completed. But what's there is well worth reading. After the failed Summoning, Schwarz flee their erstwhile employers/owners to Hong Kong. There, Crawford tries to keep his chaotic team-mates on the straight and narrow, as he Foresees to do elsewise will result in all their deaths. A novella-long unfinished series; well written, extensively researched (both in terms of life in Hong Kong, and Chinese & Irish legend & history), and with a great deal of thought behind it. A tightly woven, intricate tapestry with no black and white, only shades of grey. Crawford/Schuldig, Farfarello/OC.

Embracing the Shadows 
by Aoe.
"Because sometimes you find love in all the wrong places."
It's long (33 chapters!), thoughtful and has my three favourite characters as the main protagonists. What more could I ask? Crawford and Schuldig are intelligently characterised and lose none of their charming bastardliness, and the insight into Aya's psyche is especially clever. I also very much like her writing style. One of the best Weiß Kreuz stories. Aya/Schuldig/Crawford.

Eyes on Me & I'm with You
by Mamisan.
Two long multi-chapter stories - the first on the thorny and difficult development of Schwarz into a family from the barren grounds of an Esset team; the second on their bid for freedom, set during the Weiss Kreuz series. The background of Rozenkreuz and Esset is skilfully done, and the secondary characters, as well as all of Schwarz, come across as real people. Both are a real tour de force of a story. Check out her other stories on ff.net whilst you're there.
Crawford/Schuldig. FF.Net# 818415 & 1209708

Mayatawi & Viridian5
Aya's superpower turns out to be the ability to... turn into a girl?!? Alternately hysterically funny and grimly realistic, this is a tour de force story of 'developments' - of one boy and his power, another boy and his hangups, and yet a third boy and his warped sense of fun... (actually, just go read all their anime and other fiction - they're both brilliant writers).
, OFC/Aya, Schuldig/Aya, Schuldig/Yohji

Glass Houses
This is a WIP, but one currently over 100 chapters long. After his sister dies and Aya's suicide fails, Schwarz decide to save him from the mistakes of Gluhen himself - for their own reasons, of course! Viridian5 says this story started off being about Aya in Schwarz and ending up being about family. Engrossing, indepth and addictive, with a brilliant take on the characters and some of the wittiest WK banter you'll ever read.
, Nagi/Omi, Crawford/Schuldig, various other pairings

Gunning down Romance
"When one has lost everything, how does he find the strength to carry on? Loss, love, and life after tragedy."
Schuldich decides he needs a new pet to keep him company after the tower falls. Aya is selected to play the part. Post-series, very long and engrossing fic. Mamisan takes a hard look at the subconscious desires and emotions following loss, and the long hard road to recovery.
Schuldig/Aya, Schuldig/Farfarello. FF.net #1786411

Scarlet Ribbons 
by Jessi Albano
"Princes, you realize, are terribly inconvenient creatures."

Threads of fairytale imagery weave throughout this story, the prose is elegant, the evolution of the relationship subtle and believable, and Aya-chan's perspective on Weiß cleverly laid out. My favorite het Weiß Kreuz fiction. Schuldig/Aya-chan

Sidara's site.
Author of one of the all-time classic stories of Weiß Kreuz fiction - "Sunde", and its sequels, Sidara now has her own site where her work (both Weiß Kreuz and original) is being archived. The aforementioned story and "Subtracting the Stars" in particular, will punch a hole in your heart. The "Sundering Saga", her original WIP fiction, is riveting and is also posted in the dictionary under the word "addictive".


The Blood-stained Business Suit

All about Brad.


The Green Room
Viridian 5's Weiß Kreuz fiction. Includes an entertaining essay on floral assassins.


This is the umbrella URL for several brilliant websites designed and run by the talented Ningengirai, amongst them:

Easily the best Farfarello-centric site on the 'Net.

Nephente at the Gate
A collection of quality Farfarello-centric fanfiction.


Weiß Kreuz and original fiction website. Should not be missed.

Schuldiger als Sünde

Guilty as Sin - and that's the way Schuldig likes it.


Presumed Guilty

An analysis of Schuldig. Thoughtful and entertaining. Graphics & Flash heavy.


Schwarz fanfiction of high quality.



A very classy Schuldig site with cannon info, art, fanfiction etc


Weiss Kreuz Gluhen
  Genkischuldich's comprehensive site, contains Schwarz WK Gluhen screen captures.


Zippos and Safety Pins
Website for Panthea / Mayatawi's excellent fanfiction.


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Recommended Anime Review & Summary Sites

Anime Academy
Probably the best fan review site I've found. A board of reviewers with well-balanced opinions. I always check them before buying or viewing. Their only drawback is they haven't reviewed every common anime - but quality takes time.

A very comprehensive fan review site for both anime and manga. Has summaries as well as cast & production lists. The reviews are public and vary from not very useful to extremely good. This is where I go when Anime Academy doesn't cover an anime. 

Anime Streamload
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