tosca's kiss

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10 thoughts that krycek through any crisis
G.  3KB. no pairing


bricks in the wall
"The night radiates heat. It's too hot for sleep, too hot for sex, possibly even too hot for breathing."

Krycek isn't who Mulder remembers him to be.
Krycek/Mulder. PG-13.


love is like clocklaw
"It reminds me of the only photograph Ive kept a foolish, but irresistible weakness."
The Syndicate left behind a lot of damaged goods. 
Original Male Character/Marita. R for disturbing content.


Sometimes things just don't stay sleeping. 
NC-17. Mulder/Skinner, other

points in time


"Turning points. The first had been no blinding moment of clarity, no hallowed unveiling of The Truth."
Krycek remembers his past & considers his future.
Skinner/Krycek. PG-13.


"I've never expected him to apologise. He might, but I've never expected him to."
Walter waits.
Skinner/Krycek. PG-13.


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