tosca's kiss

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good omens


dial 616
Aziraphale looked up from a dedicated dissection of his Eggs Benedict and reproved the minor blasphemy,

Crowley reads something in the newspaper that upsets him.
Crowley. Aziraphale. PG-13

elemental perceptions
“What the hell is it?” Gojyo nudged the prone figure over with his boot. Possibly a little harder than was strictly necessary, but it was rather understandable under the circumstances.
The Sanzo-ikkou come across something they haven't met before.
Crossover with Saiyuki. Sanzo-ikkou, OMC. PG

orientation day
The real reason for lousy coffee on campus.
Ficlet written for daegaer to cheer her up on a bad day.
Crowley. Aziraphale. PG-13


sssomething ssspecial
"There's a hissing behind him, and Aziraphale knows it isn't Crowley."
Crowley recieves an unexpected present. Birthday fic for for daegaer.
ODC(Original Demon Character)/Crowley UST, Aziraphale. PG-13.

Crowley, a mountain, and You-Know-Who.
A ficlet written to the accompaniment of Heaven 17's "Temptation" (not a songfic)
Crowley. G.


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